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None But the Brave

Frank Sinatra took over the directors’ chair for the first (and only) time in this unusual WWII drama. Lt. Kuroki (Tatsuya Mihashi) is the leader of a Japanese platoon stranded on a remote Pacific island, where with an iron hand he oversees the construction of a rescue ship. An American plane crash-lands on the island, leading to a skirmish between the two rag-tag legions; eventually, both sides call a truce, and medical officer Maloney (Sinatra) treats a Japanese soldier who was seriously wounded in the fighting. American commander Capt. Bourke (Clint Walker) and Lt. Kuroki come to an agreement — they will work together to bring needed help to the island, but once either side’s forces reach them, the fighting will pick up where it left off. None But the Brave was an international co-production of Artanis Productions (Sinatra’s production company — “Artanis” is Sinatra backwards), Warner Brothers, Tokyo Eiga, and Toho.

Release date: Feb 25, 1965
Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Classics,Drama

None But the Brave Caste and Crew
Director: Frank Sinatra
writer: John Twist,Katsuya Suzaki,James E. McLarty,Derek N. Twist
Frank Sinatra,Clint Walker,Tatsuya Mihashi,Tommy Sands,Brad Dexter,Tony Bill,Takeshi Katô,Sammy Jackson,Richard Bakalyan,Rafer Johnson,Jimmy Griffin,Christopher Dark,Don Dorrell,Phillip Crosby,John Howard Young,Roger Ewing,Homare Suguro,Kenji Sahara,Masahiko Tanimura,Hisao Dazai,Susumu Kurobe,Takashi Inagaki,Kenichi Hata,Toru Ibuki,Ryucho Shunputei,Jim McLarty,Laraine Stephens,Richard Sinatra