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It was significant for Julie and the Phantoms official maker and chief Kenny Ortega to discover a Latinx lead to fill the job of Julie and, accordingly, have the story established in a Latinx family. Carlos Ponce plays Julie’s bereaved dad and Sonny Bustamante depicts Julie’s more youthful sibling in the arrangement. Booboo Stewart likewise stars as Willie, a skater kid.

“I needed this to be a Latina family, and I additionally needed a Julie ‘from the square’ – a little youngster that was relatable, that other young ladies could identify with,” Ortega solely tells ET. In the wake of experiencing many throwing reels of hopefuls, Ortega felt the validness he was searching for was missing. “There was where we thought about whether we could truly ‘find what Kenny was searching for.'”

It took an across the nation ability search arriving at roughly a thousand secondary schools to discover Reyes, who had no earlier TV or film experience when she submitted herself on tape.

“[The throwing director] called me one day and stated, ‘Plunk down and prepare.’ They did this with me with Zac Efron [on High School Musical]… They stated, ‘We think we discovered your Julie,'” Ortega reviews. “What’s more, I’ll always remember it. I turned on my PC and punched her video and there she was… never having been before a camera or in an account studio or ever having worked expertly. Simply this 14-year-old secondary school green bean in Allentown, Pennsylvania, that, for me, had the enchantment.”

Julie and the Phantoms

Netflix’s ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ revolves around a high school young lady, Julie (Madison Reyes), who meets the youthful individuals from Sunset Curve, dead for a long time, and return to help Julie rediscover her affection for music.


To tissue out Julie’s band, The Phantoms, Ortega searched out “triple dangers,” or “entertainers that can present to everything… also, carry something to the gathering and will be incredible accomplices.” That’s actually what he believed he found in Gillespie (Charmed), Shada (Adventure Time) and Joyner (Knight Squad), every single relative obscure who were in groups, played instruments or sang as an afterthought. “In addition to the fact that they are solid on-screen characters, artists and artists,” Ortega says, “however they’re simply enlivened folks, and you could see it when they were trying out.”

Ortega explicitly recalls the second he realized they had discovered their band. It came during the last testing stage when Reyes was gathered with Gillespie, Shada and Joyner. By then in the tryout procedure, the field had been trimmed down to around 35 hopefuls.

“I recollect the last time I set up these four entertainers in front of an audience before a room brimming with Netflix individuals, my delivering accomplices and throwing operators, only minutes before they were going to go – and they were all playing live and singing live – there was something that happened in front of an audience where they understood how close they were,” Ortega says. “Charlie called them all into a band circle. They clustered and nobody realizes what they were discussing. Nobody realizes what they said to each other. They turned out of that circle and Madison strolled to the receiver and she made proper acquaintance, ‘I’m Julie, and we’re Julie and the Phantoms.'”

“She guaranteed it. They just guaranteed it. Everybody’s camera went uncertain simultaneously. There were all these iPhones recording the second and it was exciting,” he shares. “I knew. We knew. The entire room knew.”

Julie and the Phantoms

The arrangement’s anecdotal band, Julie and the Phantoms, comprises of Reggie (Jeremy Shada, far left), Julie (Madison Reyes), Luke (Charlie Gillespie) and Alex (Owen Joyner).


While Julie and the Phantoms is an anecdotal band made for a scripted show, Ortega has greater desires for the gathering – if things work out in a good way, obviously.

“I needed us to have the option to discover entertainers that could truly do it, that could go on visit and go in the account studio and record the collection,” says Ortega, who went through the end of the week shooting a virtual music video with the cast over Zoom from their separate main residences. “So with each of them four, Madison and the three young men, Charlie, Owen and Jeremy, I felt that what they introduced gave me the certainty that we could truly go past only TV with this gathering of players.”

There will be a 15-tune soundtrack going with the main season, sung and performed altogether by Reyes, Gillespie, Shada and Joyner, just as repeating cast part Cheyenne Jackson, who plays enemy Caleb Covington, whose way crosses with the Phantoms. “With the achievement of the arrangement,” Ortega says he trusts Julie and the Phantoms “could be a visiting gathering.”

Julie and the Phantoms

Cheyenne Jackson (focus) plays Caleb, a cryptic and incredible power who runs into the Phantoms, otherwise known as Luke, Reggie and Alex.


Outside of the garish melodic numbers – and there are a few high-creation schedules suggestive of the High School Musical days (“It’s what I appreciate bringing to the story,” Ortega recognizes) – Julie and the Phantoms likewise dives into more profound subjects, similar to the departure of a parent and the excursion to rediscovering your enthusiasm.

“I’ve generally adored astonishment. Regardless of whether it’s to do a melodic number that leaps out of a scene that you don’t expect or whether it’s something sneaking, leaping out of the dull. I like the unexpected that life can introduce,” he clarifies. “What I preferred about the underlying thought was a youngster that abruptly opens an entryway and strolls into a room, and three apparitions detonate into her life. How would you handle that, and what do you do with it? I just idea, ‘Better believe it, this is fun.’ We can play with some new guidelines, yet additionally underneath that, [explore] some significant thoughts.”

On the off chance that there’s one thing Ortega trusts individuals charmed by the fantastical reason recollect, it’s that toward the day’s end, Julie and the Phantoms is a story of four far-fetched companions who learn they’re more grounded together than separated.

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