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Mutiny on the Bounty

The 1932 publication of Charles Nordhoff and James Norton Hall’s Mutiny on the Bounty sparked a revival of interest in the titular 1789 ship mutiny, and this 1935 MGM movie version won the Oscar for Best Picture. Clark Gable stars as Fletcher Christian, first mate of the infamous HMS Bounty, skippered by Captain William Bligh (Charles Laughton), the cruelest taskmaster on the Seven Seas. Bligh’s villainy knows no bounds: he is even willing to flog a dead man if it will strengthen his hold over the crew. Christian despises Bligh and is sailing on the Bounty under protest. During the journey back to England, Bligh’s cruelties become more than Christian can bear; and after the captain indirectly causes the death of the ship’s doctor, the crew stages a mutiny, with Christian in charge. Bligh and a handful of officers loyal to him are set adrift in an open boat. Through sheer force of will, he guides the tiny vessel on a 49-day, 4000-mile journey to the Dutch East Indies without losing a man. Historians differ on whether Captain Bligh was truly such a monster or Christian such a paragon of virtue (some believe that the mutiny was largely inspired by Christian’s lust for the Tahitian girls). The movie struck gold at the box office, and, in addition to the Best Picture Oscar, Gable, Laughton, and Franchot Tone as one of the Bounty’s crew were all nominated for Best Actor (they all lost to Victor McLaglan in The Informer). The film was remade in 1962 and adapted into the “revisionist” 1984 feature The Bounty with Mel Gibson as Fletcher Christian and Anthony Hopkins as Captain Bligh. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Release date: Nov 8, 1935
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Classics,Drama

Mutiny on the Bounty Caste and Crew
Director: Frank Lloyd
writer: Jules Furthman,Talbot Jennings,Carey Wilson
Charles Laughton,Clark Gable,Franchot Tone,Herbert Mundin,Eddie Quillan,Dudley Digges,Donald Crisp,Henry Stephenson,Francis Lister,Spring Byington,Movita,Mamo Clark,Ian Wolfe,Ivan Simpson,DeWitt Jennings,Stanley Fields,Wallis Clark,Vernon P. Downing,Dick Winslow,Byron Russell,Percy Waram,David Torrence,John Harrington,Robert Livingston,Douglas Walton,Alec Craig,Doris Lloyd,Eric Wilton,Lionel Belmore,Nadine Beresford,Marion Clayton,Mary Gordon,Winter Hall,James Cagney,David Niven,Charles Nauu,Sam Wallace Driscoll,Hal Le Sueur,William Bambridge,David Thursby,Crauford Kent,Pat Flaherty,Charles Irwin,John Powers,King Mojave,William Stack,Harold Entwistle,Will Stanton,Harry Cording