Muscle Beach Party Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Muscle Beach Party

The Beach Party Gang meets a coterie of muscle-men who try to take over their spot on the beach in Muscle Beach Party. Surfing sensations Frankie (Frankie Avalon) and Dee Dee (Annette Funicello) have their security threatened when Flex Martian (Rock Stevens) and a collection of well-oiled weight-lifters invade their turf. While tensions heat up on the beach, wealthy contessa Julie (Luciana Paluzzi) arranges for her business manager S.Z. Matts (Buddy Hackett) to entice Flex into becoming the latest in her long line of boyfriends. Julie’s feelings change when she meets Frankie, who, honored by Julie’s amorous attentions, returns her affections, causing a rift not only between Dee Dee and himself, but a further collapse in relations between the surfers and the body-builders, which is assuaged only by the music of Dick Dale and the Del Tones and Little Stevie Wonder.

Release date: Mar 25, 1964
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy,Musical & Performing Arts

Muscle Beach Party Caste and Crew
Director: William Asher
writer: Robert Dillon
Frankie Avalon,Annette Funicello,Luciana Paluzzi,John Ashley,Don Rickles,Peter Turgeon,Jody McCrea,Dick Dale,Candy Johnson,Stevie Wonder,Morey Amsterdam,Buddy Hackett,Peter Lupus,Dolores Wells,Donna Loren,Valora Noland,Alberta Nelson,Amedee Chabot,Larry Scott,Bob Seven,Steve Merjanian,Dan Haggerty,Don Haggerty,Chester Yorton,Gene Shuey,Gordon Cohn,Luree Holmes,Laura Nicholson,Lorie Summers,Darlene Lucht,Duane Ament,Gary Usher,Roger Christian,Guy Hemric,Mary Beth Hughes,Maureen O’Connor,Kathy Kessler,Salli Sachse,Linda Opie,Linda Benson,Patricia Rane,Butch Van Artsdalen,Mike Diffenderfer,Bill Graham,Charles Hasley,Larry B. Scott,Larry Shaw,Duane King,Mike Nader,Ed Garner,John Fain,Mickey Dora,Peter Lorre