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Murphy’s Romance

Newly divorced Emma Moriarty (Sally Field) moves herself and her young son to a small Arizona town, hoping to establish a horse farm. Town pharmacist Murphy Jones (James Garner), the town’s most eligible bachelor, develops a platonic friendship with Emma, but he decides to keep his distance when her ex-husband Bobby Jack (Brian Kerwin), who claims he’s changed his irresponsible ways, moves back in with her. At a party at Emma’s ranch, Murphy and Bobby Jack get into a verbal row, but nothing is settled until Wanda (Anna Levine) shows up with two babies in tow, claiming that Bobby Jack is the father. Once rid of her ex, Emma commisserates with her friend Murphy at his drug store–and is quite surprised to discover that she’s fallen in love with the older man, and he with her. Murphy’s Romance is a very gentle romantic comedy; even Murphy’s cast-away lady friend (Georgann Johnson) behaves like a civilized human being instead of a woman scorned.

Release date: Dec 25, 1985
Production Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy,Drama,Romance

Murphy’s Romance Caste and Crew
Director: Martin Ritt
writer: Harriet Frank Jr. / Irving Ravetch,Irving Ravetch
James Garner,Sally Field,Corey Haim,Brian Kerwin,Dennis Burkley,Georgann Johnson,Dianne Crittenden,Dortha Duckworth,Michael Prokopuk,Billy Ray Sharkey,Michael Crabtree,Ray Sharkey,Anna Levine,Charles Lane,Ilene Starger,Bruce French,John C. Becher,Henry Slate,Tom Rankin,Peggy McCay,Carole King,Ted Gehring,Joshua Ravetch,Eugene Cochran,Gene Blakely,Sherry Lynn Amorosi,Patricia Ann Willoughby,Mike Casper,Hugh Burritt,C. Ray Cook,Michael Firel,Art Royer,Marian Gibson,Irving Ravetch,Michael Hungerford,Ron Nix,Johnny Ray Anthony,Paul E. Pinnt,John Higgenbotham,Drasha Meyer,Martin Ritt