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Murder, My Sweet

Murder, My Sweet is a nearly perfect film. Long considered one of the quintessential film noir, this tough, sardonic, and unusually witty film features hard-boiled detective Philip Marlowe (Dick Powell) hired by ex-con Moose Malloy (Mike Mazurki) to find his missing girlfriend Velma. Shortly thereafter, Marlowe is hired by socialite Mrs. Grayle (Claire Trevor) to find a valuable jade necklace that has been stolen from her. Marlowe finds the necklace and also finds blackmail, double crosses, corruption, and murder on both sides of the tracks. This film made almost washed up song-and-dance man, Dick Powell a star, and his portrayal of Marlowe is at least the equal of Humphrey Bogart’s role in The Big Sleep. Director Edward Dmytryk creates a truly bleak and disorienting netherworld populated by a variety of sordid characters, including Mike Mazurki at his best. Claire Trevor is superlative in a difficult role and gives an unequaled performance as the most evil of femme fatales.

Release date: Dec 9, 1944
Production Company: Warner Home Video
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Mystery & Suspense

Murder, My Sweet Caste and Crew
Director: Edward Dmytryk
writer: John Paxton
Dick Powell,Anne Shirley,Claire Trevor,Otto Kruger,Mike Mazurki,Miles Mander,Douglas Walton,Don Douglas,Ralf Harolde,Esther Howard,John Indrisano,Jack Carr,Shimen Ruskin,Lawrence Wheat,Dewey Robinson,Larry Wheat,Sam Finn,Bernice Ahi,Donald Kerr,Paul Phillips,Stanley Andrews,Ralph Dunn,Ernie S. Adams,George Anderson,Paul Hilton