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Murder Most Foul

Murder Most Foul represented Margaret Rutherford’s third appearance as Agatha Christie’s spinsterish sleuth Miss Marple. The film opens with Marple serving on a murder-trial jury. She forces a mistrial because she considers the accused to be innocent; to prove her theory, she traces the trail of evidence to a down-at-the-heels repertory company run by Ron Moody. She auditions for the troupe with a stirring rendition of “The Shooting of Dan McGrew,” securing the job by flashing a roll of bills in front of the covetous Moody. While snooping about backstage, Miss Marple discovers both murderer and motive-and, as is customary in the “Marple” films, she nearly loses her own life in the process. Based on the Agatha Christie novel Mrs. McGinty’s Dead, Murder Most Foul co-stars Margaret Rutherford’s real-life husband Stringer Davis as Marple’s friend and confidante Mr. Stringer.

Release date: Sep 1, 1964
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Classics,Comedy,Drama,Mystery & Suspense

Murder Most Foul Caste and Crew
Director: George Pollock
writer: Jack Seddon,David Pursall
Margaret Rutherford,Ron Moody,Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell,Megs Jenkins,Andrew Cruickshank,Dennis Price,Ralph Michael,James Bolam,Stringer Davis,Francesca Annis,Alison Seebohm,Terry Scott,Pauline Jameson,Maurice Good,Annette Kerr,Windsor Davies,Neil Stacey,Stella Tanner