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Modesty Blaise

A popular British comic strip series served as inspiration for this light-hearted espionage adventure, which if nothing else certainly shows the marks of its origins in the mid-1960s. A large departure for director Joseph Losey, better known for brooding interpretations of Harold Pinter works (The Servant, Accident), the film is emphatically bright and colorful, taking on at times a nearly psychedelic feel. The strangeness is emphasized by the unusual casting, including Italian star Monica Vitti in her first English-speaking role as the title character and Dirk Bogarde, playing against type as her arch-nemesis. Essentially everything is played for its camp value, including the rather convoluted, James Bond-like plot, which concerns the hijacking of a shipment of diamonds heading for the Middle East. Like its mod-era sets and costumes, this unusual, inconsistent effort is certainly intriguing and attractive, but might seem rather dated to some.

Release date: Jan 1, 1966
Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Art House & International,Classics,Comedy,Mystery & Suspense

Modesty Blaise Caste and Crew
Director: Joseph Losey
writer: Evan Jones
Monica Vitti,Dirk Bogarde,Terence Stamp,Harry Andrews,Michael Craig,Clive Revill,Alexander Knox,Rossella Falk,Scilla Gabel,Michael Chow,Joe Melia,Saro Urzì,Sylvain,Tina Aumont,Oliver MacGreevy,Jon Bluming,Lex Schoorel,Marcello Turilli,Giuseppe Paganelli,Wolfgang Hillinger,Roberto Bisacco,John Karlsen,Silvan,John Stacy,Robin Hunter,Denys Graham,Patrick Ludlow,Robin Fox,George Fisher