Men of the Fighting Lady (Panther Squadron) Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Men of the Fighting Lady (Panther Squadron)

Leave it to MGM to turn the Korean War into a splashy, big-budget, all-star extravaganza. Men of the Fighting Lady is set on the US aircraft career of the same name. Van Johnson stars as Lt. Howard Thayer, while other MGM stalwarts in the cast include Walter Pidgeon, Kennan Wynn and Louis Calhern. The film’s highlight is the famous fact-based scene wherein Lt. Thayer “talks in” blinded pilot Kenneth Schechter (Dewey Martin), assuring a safe landing for the incapacitated flyer. As a novelty, no concessions are made to the “love stuff” addicts in the audience: there is no contrived romantic subplot in the film, nor are there any women in the cast. Men of the Fighting Lady was based on two literary works: “The Case of the Blinded Pilot” by Cmdr. Harry A. Burns, and “The Forgotten Heroes of Korea” by James A. Michener (who is impersonated in the film by Louis Calhern).

Release date: May 7, 1954
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama

Men of the Fighting Lady (Panther Squadron) Caste and Crew
Director: Andrew Marton
writer: Art Cohn
Van Johnson,Walter Pidgeon,Louis Calhern,Dewey Martin,Keenan Wynn,Frank Lovejoy,Robert Horton,Bert Freed,Lewis Martin,George Cooper,Dick Simmons,Richard Simmons,Chris Warfield,Steve Rowland,Edward Tracy,Paul L. Smith,John Rosser,Ronald Lisa,Teddy Infur,Sarah Selby,Jerry Mathers,Ronald Stafford,Joseph Stafford,Ann Baker,Jonathan Hale,Dorothy Patrick