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B. Traven, the reclusive author of Treasure of the Sierra Madre, used an old Mexican folk tale as the basis for his novel The Third Guest. The book was in turn adapted for film as Macario. Ignacio Tarso plays a poverty-stricken peasant who goes on a hunger strike, hoping that someone will take pity on him and give him a turkey dinner. Torres’ wife Pina Pellecier steals a turkey, and just as Torres is about to wolf down his food, he is visited by Death (Enrique Lucerio). The grim reaper offers to bestow magical powers upon Torres in exchange for part of the meal. Torres is gifted with the ability to restore health to sick people, but he is permitted to utilize this gift only upon persons of Death’s choosing. At first, Torres is lauded as a hero, but before long he is being shunned as an instrument of Satan. Torres’ last-ditch effort to redeem himself causes him to renege on his bargain with Death–and you know what that means. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Release date: May 1, 1960
Production Company:
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Genre: Art House & International,Drama,Science Fiction & Fantasy

Macario Caste and Crew
Director: Roberto Gavaldón
writer: B. Traven,Emilio Carballido
Ignacio López Tarso,Pina Pellicer,Enrique Lucero,Mario Alberto Rodríguez,José Gálvez,José Luis Jiménez,Enrico Garcia Alvarez,Eduardo Fajardo,Consuelo Frank,Sonia Infante,Celia Tejeda,Jose Dupeiront,Pepe y sus Marionetas