Ma Barker’s Killer Brood Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Ma Barker’s Killer Brood

The story of America’s most notorious gangster mother is chronicled in this crime drama. The tale starts in Oklahoma during the Depression. Ma Barker and her outlaw progeny go on the lam until the police finally corner her in her richly appointed Florida hideout. A bloody shoot-out ensues.

Release date: Jun 1, 1960
Production Company: Filmservice
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama

Ma Barker’s Killer Brood Caste and Crew
Director: Bill Karn
writer: F. Paul Hall
Lurene Tuttle,Tris Coffin,Paul Dubov,Vic Lundin,Eric Sinclair,Robert Kendall,Nelson Leigh,Myrna Dell,Don Spruance,Don Grady,Ron Foster,Gary Ammann,Roy Ward Baker,Donald Towers,Eric Morris,Michael Smith,Byron Foulger,Irene Windust,John McNamara,Donald Spruance,Dan Riss,David Carlile,Charles Tannen,Dan White,Riley Hill,Bernard Pludow,Owen Bush,Paul Power,George Dockstader,Wally Rose,Bill Couch