Ma and Pa Kettle Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Ma and Pa Kettle

The title couple and their enormous brood of bumpkins made their movie debut in the film version of Betty McDonald’s humorous book The Egg and I (1947) where they appeared as supporting characters. Audiences found them funny and so the characters got their own long-running series of B movies. Ma and Pa Kettle is the first in that series and centers on the exploits of the impoverished hayseed family after Pa wins a contest by writing a jim-dandy slogan for a tobacco company. The Kettle’s prize is a brand new, ultra modern, fully automated home. It’s a good thing too, for Ma, Pa and their 15 kids were about to get booted out of their previous wreck of a home. Of course the film is at its funniest when the Kettles are trying to figure out how to operate their fancy new digs.

Release date: Apr 1, 1949
Production Company: MCA Universal Home Video
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy,Drama

Ma and Pa Kettle Caste and Crew
Director: Charles Lamont
writer: Lou Morheim,Herbert Margolis,Al Lewis
Percy Kilbride,Marjorie Main,Richard Long,Meg Randall,Audrey Young,Patricia Alphin,Esther Dale,Barry Kelley,Harry Antrim,Isabel O’Madigan,Ida Moore,Emory Parnell,Boyd Davis,O.Z. Whitehead,Ray Bennett,Alvin Hammer,Lester Allen,Chief Yowlachie,Rex Lease,Dale Belding,Teddy Infur,George McDonald,Robin Winans,Gene Persson,Paul Dunn,Margaret Brown,Beverly Wook,Diane Florentine,Gloria Moore,Beverly Mook,Melinda Plowman,Harry Tyler,Dewey Robinson,Sam McDaniel,Ted Stanhope,Eddy Waller,John Wald,Donna Leary,Elana Schreiner,Harry V. Cheshire,George Arglen