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Lucy Gallant

An unusually matronly Jane Wyman plays the title character in Lucy Gallant. Adapted from a novel by Margaret Cousins, the story concerns the efforts by Lucy Gallant to make the wide-open spaces of Texas a mecca for High Fashion. Jilted at the altar, Lucy retreats to a booming oil town, where she courageously opens up a gown shop. Rancher Casey Cole (Charlton Heston) is disdainful of “working women”, but he never hides the fact that he’s madly in love with Lucy. As the film progresses, Lucy nearly loses her business due to financial reverses, but Casey secretly pumps money into her operation, all the while declaring publicly that she’s doomed to failure. Lucy’s gowns were actually designed by Edith Head, who makes an appearance towards the end of the film, as does the then-governor of Texas, Allan Shivers. Lucy Gallant was the last of the incredibly successful Pine-Thomas productions for Paramount Pictures; there might have been more had not William H. Pine died shortly after completing the film.

Release date: Oct 20, 1955
Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama,Western

Lucy Gallant Caste and Crew
Director: Robert Parrish
writer: Winston Miller,John Lee Mahin
Jane Wyman,Charlton Heston,Claire Trevor,Thelma Ritter,William Demarest,Wallace Ford,Tom Helmore,Gloria Talbott,James Westerfield,Mary Field,Allan Shivers,Edith Head,Joel Fluellen,Louise Arthur,Jay Adler,Frank Marlowe,Roscoe Ates,Howard Negley,Jack Pepper,William Hunter,Bill Hunter,Barbara Stewart,Edmund Cobb,Gene Roth,Max Wagner,Frank S. Hagney,Jack Shea,Robert B. Williams,Joey Ray,Benny Burt,Charles Regan,Beatrice Maude,Fern Barry,Emily Getchell,Mary Boyd,Elizabeth Cloud-Miller