Love on a Pillow Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Love on a Pillow

Genevieve (Brigitte Bardot) is a prim and proper girl from a middle class family. She dreams of finding Mr. Right, getting married and settling down to a predictable, uncomplicated life of a loving spouse. When a distant relative dies, she travels to a small town to claim her inheritance. When she enters the wrong hotel room, she saves a man who has overdosed on sleeping pills. The stranger and his heroine return to Paris where they commence to drink, fornicate and fight. He tries to drag her down into the alcoholic downward spiral of his wretched life. They end up in Florence, Italy where the man can no longer deny he loves and need the woman who saved his life. The screen play was co-written by director Roger Vadim with Claude Choublier. The film marks Bardot’s first attempt at a completely dramatic character portrayal.

Release date: Sep 5, 1962
Production Company: LionsGate Entertainment
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Art House & International,Drama,Romance

Love on a Pillow Caste and Crew
Director: Roger Vadim
writer: Roger Vadim,Claude Choublier
Brigitte Bardot,Robert Hossein,James Robertson Justice,Macha Méril,Yves Barsacq,Jacqueline Porel,Jean-Marc bory,Christian Melsen,Michel Serrault,Ursula Kubler,Robert Dalban,Jean Tuscano,Jean-Marc Tennberg,Jean Lefebvre