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Little Miss Broadway

Child star Shirley Temple was getting a bit long in the tooth (at age 10!) by the time she made Little Miss Broadway. Facing the possibility that Temple’s appeal was beginning to slip, the producers overstocked the film with top musical-comedy performers and character actors. The curly-topped actress is cast as orphan girl Betsy Brown, discharged in the care of her uncle Pop Shea (Edward Ellis), the manager of a theatrical boarding house. Before long, Betsy is the darling of the clientele, including bandleader Jimmy Clayton (Jimmy Durante), animal trainer Ole (El Brendel), and a pair of wisecracking midget entertainers (George and Olive Brasno). Snooty Sarah Wendling (Edna Mae Oliver), owner of the hotel building, is fed up with “show people” and demands that they pay their back rent or move out post-haste. But Sarah’s nephew Roger (George Murphy), in love with Pop Shea’s daughter Barbara (Phyllis Brooks), comes to the aid of the hotel’s occupants. With the help of Betsy and her friends, Roger pleads his case in the courtroom of judge Claude Gillingwater by staging a lavish musical revue. The specacle of George Murphy dancing with Shirley Temple will prove particularly amusing to those aware of both stars’ future political careers. Songs include “Be Optimistic”, “If All the World Were Paper”, “Hop Skip and Jump” and the title tune. Incidentally, outtakes of Little Miss Broadway exist showing Shirley Temple doing a frighteningly accurate impersonation of her costar Jimmy Durante (ha-cha-cha-cha-cha!)

Release date: Jan 1, 1938
Production Company: 20th Century Fox
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Kids & Family,Musical & Performing Arts

Little Miss Broadway Caste and Crew
Director: Irving Cummings
writer: Harry Tugend,Jack Yellen
Shirley Temple,George Murphy,Jimmy Durante,Phyllis Brooks,Edna May Oliver,George Barbier,Edward Ellis,Jane Darwell,El Brendel,Donald Meek,Patricia Wilder,Claude Gillingwater,Charles Williams,Charles Coleman,Russell Hicks,Barbara Brewster,Gloria Brewster,Claire Du Brey,Robert Gleckler,C. Montague Shaw,Frank Dae,Clarence Wilson,Eddie Collins,Ben Welden,Syd Saylor,Jerry Colonna,Brewster Twins,Brian Sisters,Heinie Conklin,George & Olive Brasno