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Vincent Bruce (Warren Beatty) is a Korean War veteran who becomes an occupational therapist in a private mental hospital that cares for wealthy, schizophrenic clientele. He slowly begins to fall for Lilith Arthur (Jean Seberg), a patient who is mentally locked in her own little world. Vincent eventually begins his own psychological disintegration over his feelings for the woman and asks for help. Watch for early career performances from Olympia Dukakis and Gene Hackman in this depressing psychodrama. This was the final film from the gifted director Robert Rossen, who died in 1966.

Release date: Sep 27, 1964
Production Company: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama

Lilith Caste and Crew
Director: Robert Rossen
writer: Robert Rossen
Warren Beatty,Jean Seberg,Peter Fonda,Kim Hunter,Anne Meacham,James Patterson,Jessica Walter,Gene Hackman,Robert Reilly,Rene Auberjonois,Lucy Smith,Maurice Brenner,Jeanne Barr,Richard Higgs,Elizabeth Bader,Alice Spivak,Arnold Walter,Kathleen Phelan,Cecilia Ray,Gunnar Peters,L. Jerome Offutt,W. Jerome Offutt,Robert Jolivette,Jason Jolivette,Jeno Mate,Ben Carruthers,Tina Rome,Dina Paisner,Pawnee Sills,Luther Foulk,Kenneth Fuchs,Steve Dawson,Michael Paras,Morton Taylor,Joavan Curran,Rick Branda,Wade Taylor,Tony Lombard,David Barry,Frank Nanoia,Joanne Bayes,Barbara Lowe,Patsy Klein,Gwen Van Dam,Eadie Renaud,Rosalie Posner,Thomas Brann,Louis Jenkins,Tracee Towers,Virginia Schneider,Robert Miller,Bruce Powers,Don Donnellan,Ken Naarden,Ron Cunningham,Katherine Gregg,Edith Fellows,Robert Page Jones,Olympia Dukakis,Mildred Joanne Smith,Cynthia McAdams,Wendell Phillips Jr.,Tony Grey,Elizabeth Lawrence,Harvey Jason,Gordon Phillips,Robert Dahdah,B.J. DeSimone,Marie Antoinette,Cornelius Frizell,Janet Banzet,Tina Pine,Thelma Ray,Katha Cale,Harry Northrup,G.K. Osborne,Charles Tyner,Sonia Zomina,Anna Van Der Heida,Jocella Jackson,Amelie Barleon,Bess Carlton,Sylvia Gassel,David Craig,Bud Truland,Ruth Baker,Jeanne DeFlorio,Rankin Joe,Paul Varro,Stuart Goodman,Billie Erlich,Peter Bosche