Life Begins in College Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Life Begins in College

The Ritz Brothers play three goofballs working their way through college by putting in time at a tailor shop. The college football team’s star player is Nat Pendleton, a wealthy Native American who has donated a large amount of money to the school. As long as Pendleton is able to play, the football coach (Fred Stone) feels safe in putting the Ritz boys in the game at the last minute, when their zany antics can’t possibly effect the final score. In Jim Thorpe fashion, the Indian student is disqualified when it is learned he once played professionally. Thus the coach is forced to utilize an untried player(Dick Baldwin) in the Big Game–and when that player is injured, it’s the Ritz Brothers to the rescue. Life Begins in College gives plenty of attention to the comedy of the Ritz Brothers, if that’s your idea of a good time.

Release date:
Production Company: 20th Century Fox
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy

Life Begins in College Caste and Crew
Director: William A. Seiter
writer: Ray Golden,Sid Kuller,Karl Tunberg,Don Ettlinger
The Ritz Brothers [Al Jimmy Harry],Joan Davis,Tony Martin,Gloria Stuart,Fred Stone,Nat Pendleton,Dick Baldwin,Joan Marsh,Dixie Dunbar,Edward Thorgersen,Ed Thorgersen,Jed Prouty,Maurice Cass,Marjorie Weaver,J.C. Nugent,Robert Lowery,Elisha Cook Jr.,Lon Chaney Jr,Creighton Chaney,Fred Kohler Jr.,Barbara Brewster,Gloria Brewster,Charles C. Wilson,Frank Sully,Robert Murphy,Norman Willis,Dick Klein,Brewster Twins,Ron Cooley,Jim Pierce,Jeff Cravath,Hal K. Dawson,James Pierce,Edward Arnold Jr.,Al Ritz,Harry Ritz,Thomas Kellard,Grant Peters,Jimmy Ritz,Sarah Edwards,Spec O’Donnell