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Les Cousins

Claude Chabrol provides a few new wrinkles to the old “city mouse/country mouse” fable in Les Cousins. Bucolic Gerald Blain heads to Paris, where he enters into a romantic rivalry with his urbane cousin Jean-Claude Brialy. Their mutual object of affections is Juliette Maynal. Despite Brialy’s glib tongue and worldly approach, he is beaten-nay, ruined-by the supposedly ingenuous Blain. In this second of Chabrol’s feature-length efforts, the director introduces the generic character names “Charles” and “Paul”, the former representing bourgeois values, the latter the embodiment of modern decadence. In various guises, Charles and Paul would reappear in virtually every subsequent Chabrol-directed domestic drama.

Release date: Nov 23, 1959
Production Company: Criterion Collection
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Art House & International,Drama

Les Cousins Caste and Crew
Director: Claude Chabrol
writer: Claude Chabrol,Paul Gégauff
Gérard Blain,Jean-Claude Brialy,Claude Cerval,Juliette Mayniel,Geneviève Cluny,Michele Méritz,Corrado Guarducci,Guy Decomble,Paul Bisciglia,Stéphane Audran,Andre Jocelyn,Jeanne Pérez,Gilbert Edard,Jean-Louis Maury,Andre Jocelyn,Jean-Pierre Moulin,Jean-Marie Arnoux