Island of Love Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Island of Love

Paul Ferris (Tony Randall ) is an inebriated writer working on the next Bugs Bunny cartoon. Tony Dallas (Walter Matthau) is a gangster who pays him two million dollars to write a screenplay about Genesis starring his gun-moll girlfriend (Betty Bruce) as Eve. Paul and his buddy Steve (Robert Preston) head for the Greek islands when the film goes down the tubes. Tony goes gunning for the pair when he is stuck with the bill for the cinematic bomb. Paul and Steve help perpetuate the myth about the romantic island of Paradeisos, leading to a boom in the tourist trade that cold pay back the grumbling gangster and save their skins.

Release date: Jun 12, 1963
Production Company: Warner Bros.
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy

Island of Love Caste and Crew
Director: Morton DaCosta
writer: David R. Schwartz
Robert Preston,Tony Randall,Georgia Moll,Giorgia Moll,Walter Matthau,Betty Bruce,Vassili Lambrinos,Michael Constantine,Titos Vandis,Miranda Murat,Lewis Charles,Peter Mamakos,Nick Dimitri,Tony Rollins,Vic Lundin,Greg Benedict,Lillian Miniati,Cozette Hutner,Dianne Simpson,Larri Thomas,Barbara Hines,Charlene Holt,Kathy Bennett,Stacy Keach,Don Easton,Norma Varden,Sam Harris,Kirk Elliott,Ken Raymond,Stacy Keach Sr.,Jan Arvan,Lou Krugman,Lois Roberts,Henry Corden,Marianne Gaba