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In the Bedroom

Character actor and noted photographer Todd Field made his directorial debut with this emotionally powerful drama, which earned enthusiastic reviews at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. Frank Fowler (Nick Stahl) is a handsome and amiable young man who has recently graduated from high school and is spending the summer working as a lobster fisherman before heading off to college in the fall. Frank is also involved with Natalie (Marisa Tomei), an attractive woman ten years his senior who is separated from her husband Richard (William Mapother), though their divorce has not yet been finalized. Frank’s parents, Matt (Tom Wilkinson) and Ruth (Sissy Spacek) wonder if it’s wise for their son to be pursuing a romance that he won’t be able to continue in a few months; Matt trusts Frank and leaves him to make his own decisions, while Ruth quietly but firmly registers her objections. One day, Richard snaps, and breaks into Natalie’s home; when he discovers Frank is there, he viciously kills him. The wheels of justice turn in an unexpected direction, and Richard is released on bail, free to go his own way as he awaits his trial. Matt and Ruth are both deeply traumatized by the event; while Matt tries to deal with his hurt by retreating into his work and avoiding his feelings, Ruth instead becomes increasingly withdrawn, losing interest in her job as a music teacher and spending her nights chain smoking in front of the television. In the Bedroom was adapted from the short story Killings by Andre Dubus. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Release date: Nov 23, 2001
Production Company: Miramax Films
Box Office Collection: $35,733,119
Genre: Art House & International,Drama

In the Bedroom Caste and Crew
Director: Todd Field
writer: Rob Festinger,Todd Field
Sissy Spacek,Tom Wilkinson,Nick Stahl,Marisa Tomei,William Mapother,William Wise,Celia Weston,Karen Allen,Frank T. Wells,W. Clapham Murray,Justin Ashforth,Ron Russell,Terry A. Burgess,Jonathan Walsh,Diane E. Hamlin,Samuel Johnson,Camden Munson,Christopher Adams,Sara Armstrong,Henry Field,Elly Barksdale,Deborah Derecktor,Erin Barksdale,Harriet Dawkins,Bill Dawkins,Kevin Chapman,Harold Withee,David Blair (XI),Elisabeth McClure,Alida P. Field,Andrea Walker,John Campanello,Robert Demkowicz,Coomenic Cuccinello III,Veronica Cartwright,Daran Norris,Don Lewis,Doug Rich,Robin Wimbiscus,Lisa Carlton,Rebecca Benner,Francis Mazzeo,The Honorable Joseph Field,Tyler Shane Smith-Campbell,Brian Hagley,Sam Cousins,Gwendolyn Gilchrist,Jackie Hagley,Comenic Cuccinello III,Shauneen Grout,Ronald Russell,Rachel Freeman,Kenney Dale Johnson,Daniel Hendricks,Adah Holman,Parker Spear,Sam Johnson,Matthew Maxwell,Jessie Lanoue,Alicia Laplant,Shyann Gauthier,Iris Leslie,Joshua Mills,Bethany Berry,Eric Rahkonen,Hope Berry,Natalie Russell,Chelsea Peasley,Misty Seekins,Daniel Baxter-Leahy,Philip Spearing,Brandon Carleton,Mackenzie Tucker,Owen Thompson,Ben Staples,Ryan Ecker,Jared Mekin,Erica Towle-Powers,Evanne Weirich,Nichole Wimbiscus,Anna Winsor