In Name Only Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

In Name Only

Cary Grant stars as Alec Walker, a man whose wife Maida (Kay Francis) married him only for his wealth. He falls in love with another woman, played by Carole Lombard, only to find that his spiteful wife refuses to grant him a divorce.

Release date: Aug 4, 1939
Production Company: RKO Radio Pictures Inc.
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Romance

In Name Only Caste and Crew
Director: John Cromwell
writer: Richard Sherman
Carole Lombard,Cary Grant,Kay Francis,Charles Coburn,Helen Vinson,Katherine Alexander,Jonathan Hale,Maurice Moscovich,Nella Walker,Peggy Ann Garner,Spencer Charters,Alan Baxter,Harriet Matthews,Sandra Morgan,Harold Miller,John Dilson,Douglas Gordon,James Adamson,Tony Merlo,Frank Puglia,Alex Pollard,Florence Wix,Clive Morgan,Charles Coleman,Sam Harris,Kathryn Wilson,Grady Sutton,Bert Moorhouse,Byron Foulger,Arthur Ayleswofth,Lloyd Ingraham,Gus Glassmire,Mary MacLaren,Robert Strange,Jack Chapin,Melinda Wood Allen,Harold Hoff,George Rosener,Edward Fliegel,John Laing,Frank Mills