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If a Man Answers

This lightweight, nearly zero-gravity comedy by director Henry Levin relies on a novel by a male writer and a script by another man to come up with a nearly offensive story (in these more enlightened times) about how a woman can lie, manipulate, and generally deceive her husband, all in the “art” of hanging on to him. Sandra Dee is Chantal, married to Eugene (Bobby Darin, Dee’s real-life husband), but first comes the story of how she hooked him. Next, comes the story of how he is trained to be a perfect husband, and then the final installment is unveiled. She uses a variety of tricks to keep him wondering whether or not he can trust her. For example, Chantal’s mother calls her and “if a man answers” she hangs up, leaving the unhappy husband to think his wife has a clandestine lover. The premise that a woman’s only role in life is to get and hold a husband has thankfully undergone a few revisions since 1962.

Release date: Oct 10, 1962
Production Company: Universal
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy,Romance

If a Man Answers Caste and Crew
Director: Henry Levin
Bobby Darin,Sandra Dee,John Lund,Micheline Presle,Cesar Romero,Stefanie Powers,Christopher Knight,Ted Thorpe,Roger Bacon,John Bleifer,Pamela Searle,Warrene Ott,Dani Lynn,Charlene Holt,Gloria Camacho,Edmay Van Dyke,Rosalee Calvert,Gladys Thornton