I Was Monty’s Double Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

I Was Monty’s Double

If official documentation didn’t exist, we’d never believe a fantastic yarn like I Was Monty’s Double. Actor M.E. Clifton James plays himself, a British stock-company actor who becomes an unsung hero during World War II. It seems that James, serving his country as a junior officer, is the exact double of General Montgomery. Major John Mills trains James to impersonate Montgomery to the last detail, then sends the actor on a tour of North Africa, the better to divert the German’s attentions away from the real “Monty.” Based on James’ own written reminiscences, I Was Monty’s Double was released in the U.S. under the baffling title Hell, Heaven or Hoboken!

Release date: Oct 21, 1958
Production Company: Associated British Picture Corporation
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Art House & International,Comedy,Drama

I Was Monty’s Double Caste and Crew
Director: John Guillermin
writer: Bryan Forbes
M.E. Clifton-James,John Mills,Cecil Parker,Patrick Allen,Patrick Holt,Leslie Phillips,Michael Hordern,Marius Goring,Barbara Hicks,Duncan Lamont,Anthony Sagar,Max Butterfield,Michael Oliver,John Gale,Kenneth J. Warren,James Hayter,Sidney James,Michael Bird,Diana Beaumont,Brian Weske,Bill Nagy,Victor Maddern,Alfie Bass,Ronald Wilson,David Browning,John Le Mesurier,Walter Gotell,MacDonald Parke,Marne Maitland,Vera Day,Maureen Connell,Sam Kydd,Allan Cuthbertson,Geoffrey Hibbert,Ian Whitaker,Michael Patrick Bell,Alfred Maron,Patrick Connor,Harry Fowler,Martin Shaban,Edward Judd,Eric Francis,Otto Friese,Derek Briggs,Desmond Roberts,Bryan Forbes,Victor Beaumont,Max Faulkner,George Eugeniou,John Heller,Frederick Jaeger,David Davies,David Lodge,Ernst Walder,Des Roberts,Michael Bell,Douglas Blackwell,Otto H. Fries,Fred Nichols,Freddy Clark,John Dunbar,Gordon Harris,Donald Price,Ronnie Stevens,R. Bryan