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I Walk Alone

Set during Prohibition, this crime melodrama tells the tale of two bootleggers and an upscale speakeasy. Rumrunners Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster have a thriving business until they find themselves racing up to an enormous police roadblock while running a fresh supply of hooch to their club one night. Realizing that all will be lost if they are both captured, the pair quickly make a pact. One will run on foot while the other drives to the roadblock. The one who successfully escapes is to maintain the club and save half the profits for the other. Unlucky Lancaster gets caught and spends 14 years in prison. He spends most of that time angrily dreaming of revenge and soon after his release, he sets out to get it. By this time, Douglas has turned the nightclub into a lucrative venture. Unfortunately for Lancaster, he is unwilling to share in the profits and quickly sets his accountant to doctoring the books to ensure that the vengeful Lancaster gets nothing. It’s a big mistake on Douglas’s part, and eventually, after much conniving, double-crossing and even a murder, he gets what’s coming to him.

Release date: Jan 16, 1948
Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Mystery & Suspense

I Walk Alone Caste and Crew
Director: Byron Haskin
writer: John Bright,Charles Schnee,Robert Smith
Burt Lancaster,Lizabeth Scott,Kirk Douglas,Wendell Corey,Kristine Miller,George Rigaud,Marc Lawrence,Mike Mazurki,Mickey Knox,Roger Neury,John Bishop,Bruce Lester,Jean Del Val,Gino Corrado,Freddie Steele,Dewey Robinson,Fred Somers,Bruce Lister,Charles D. Brown,Wally Merrill,Walter Merrill,Bobby Barber,Jack Perrin,Bert Moorhouse,Olin Howland,Jim Davies