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I Love You Again

Those popular MGM co-stars William Powell and Myrna Loy take a break from their usual Thin Man duties to star in the zany comedy I Love You Again. The film opens with Loy prepared to divorce her dull businessman husband Powell. A blow on the head causes Powell to remember his former life as a notorious con man. No one in town has any knowledge of Powell’s criminal past, a fact he hopes to use to his advantage. Loy, astounded at Powell’s sudden surge of amorous ardor, reconsiders her divorce. When she learns of his true identity, she is even more fascinated. Another blow on the head restores the non-criminal Powell–at least, that’s what he and Loy would like you to believe. The film’s highlight is a screamingly funny sequence in which Powell plays scoutmaster to a group of surly youngsters (including Our Gang veterans Carl Switzer and Mickey Gubitosi, aka Robert Blake).

Release date: Aug 9, 1940
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy,Drama

I Love You Again Caste and Crew
Director: W.S. Van Dyke
writer: Charles Lederer,George Oppenheimer,Harry Kurnitz
William Powell,Myrna Loy,Edmund Lowe,Frank McHugh,Don Douglas,Nella Walker,Pierre Watkin,Paul Stanton,Morgan Wallace,Charles Arnt,Harlan Briggs,Dix Davis,Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer,Robert Blake,Winifred Harris,Mary Currier,Hazel Keener,Bea Nigro,Leni Lynn,Edward Earle,Harry Hayden,Harry Lash,William Tannen,Ray Teal,Barbara Bedford,George Lloyd,Charles Wagenheim,Jack Mulhall,Jason Robards Sr.,John Dilson,Ted Thompson,Hooper Atchley,Warren Rock,Jason Robards Sr.,Paul Parry,Hal Cooke,Raymond Bailey,Nell Craig,Arthur Hoyt,Joseph E. Bernard,Jack Daley,Eric Wilton,George Lollier,Howard Mitchell,Sally Payne,Claire Rochelle,Gladys Blake,Edward Hearn