Happy Endings just rejoined for an exceptional pandemic-themed scene

In the event that anything stays after the inevitable finish of the pandemic, let it be ah-mah-punch scenes of our preferred dead TV comedies.

The cast of Happy Endings just rejoined for an exceptional pandemic-themed scene, all shot over a video visit, and demonstrated the enchantment hasn’t completely disappeared in spite of the show being unceremoniously dropped in 2013.

In the scene, Penny (Casey Wilson) got her companions to join her for a Zoom sesh to discuss her new specialist beau. Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) attempted to jump to spend time with her Instagram supporters however wound up in the gathering in any case. Jane (Eliza Coupe) was cleaning everything she’s at any point possessed while Brad was purportedly stuck in Florida after an excursion for work. Max (Adam Pally) was housesitting in a manor, and Dave (Zachary Knighton) didn’t think about the pandemic in the wake of being in Joshua Tree with Jared Leto, however he has an extraordinary new thought for a café called COVID-19.

It was somewhat of a wreck, in the most ideal way.


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At long last, Penny’s beau down and out up with her, driving her and Max to choose to get hitched (a caring marriage where the two of them would lay down with other men). Brad was uncovered to have constructed a mystery Parasite-esque room in the cellar and had been there the entire time, and Alex had a mystery infant. Dave, in the mean time, simply continued referencing Happy Endings scene numbers, clarifying them away as dates, in our preferred piece of the entire uncommon.

So what caused the gathering to reunite for one exceptionally extraordinary scene, other than to fund-raise for World Central Kitchen?

“All things considered, a lot of others did it first, so we thought perhaps we could do it as well,” said show maker David Caspe in a post-show Q&A. “What’s more, in exemplary Happy Endings style, we’re similar to at any rate a month and a half late, it appears as. Perhaps two months.”

Caspe uncovered that the whole composing staff returned for one Zoom scholars meeting, and afterward gatherings of essayists split off to compose the different bits of the scene.

The remainder of the Q&A was spent thinking back about scenes, sentiments, and repeating bits from the arrangement. You can watch the Q&A underneath!

Glad Endings broadcast on ABC from 2011 to 2013, and the whole arrangement is accessible to stream on Hulu.

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