Guns at Batasi Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Guns at Batasi

Richard Attenborough stars as a stalwart sergeant-major, stationed in British colony in Africa. When the colony declares its independence, Attenborough is assigned to keep the peace during the governmental transition. Trouble begins when an insurgent African officer (Errol John) attempts to overthrow the new, British-approved rulers. As the political situation becomes more and complex, Attenborough finds that his deeply entrenched values and beliefs are no longer valid. Based on a novel by Robert Holles, Guns at Batasi is what used to be called a “thinking man’s adventure film.”

Release date: Oct 30, 1964
Production Company: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama

Guns at Batasi Caste and Crew
Director: John Guillermin
writer: Douglas Slocombe,Robert Holles,Leo Marks,Marshall Pugh,Robert Holmes,C.M. Pennington-Richards
Richard Attenborough,Jack Hawkins,Mia Farrow,Flora Robson,John Leyton,Cecil Parker,Errol John,Graham Stark,Earl Cameron,Percy Herbert,David Lodge,Bernard Horsfall,John Meillon,Horace James,Patrick Holt,Richard Bidlake,Alan Browning,Joseph Layode,Ric Hutton,Bloke Modisane