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Goodbye Charlie

George Axelrod’s Goodbye Charlie flopped on Broadway with Lauren Bacall in the lead, but fared a little better as a film vehicle for Debbie Reynolds. Charlie (Harry Madden) is an inveterate philanderer who is shot dead by jealous husband Walter Matthau. Through a celestial fluke, Charlie’s soul enters the well-rounded body of Debbie Reynolds. In this form, Charlie/Debbie seeks to settle old scores with her murderer as well as several other enemies. As if these aren’t complications enough, Charlie’s best friend Tony Curtis falls in love with Debbie, knowing full well that Debbie isn’t really Debbie. If you liked Goodbye Charlie once, you’ll love it twice: Blake Edwards retooled the whole megillah for Ellen Barkin, added a trendy feminist underlining, and came up with Switch (1991).

Release date: Nov 18, 1964
Production Company: 20th Century Fox
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy,Drama,Science Fiction & Fantasy

Goodbye Charlie Caste and Crew
Director: Vincente Minnelli
writer: Harry Kurnitz
Tony Curtis,Debbie Reynolds,Pat Boone,Walter Matthau,Ellen Burstyn,Joanna Barnes,Laura Devon,Martin Gabel,Roger C. Carmel,Harry Madden,Myrna Hansen,Michael Romanoff,Michael Jackson,Anthony Eustrel,James Brolin,Donna Michelle,Jerry Dunphy,Carmen Nisbet,Sydney Guilaroff,Jack Richardson,Rudy Hansen,Ed Wermer,Natalie Martinelli