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Gerry Finley-Day Bio

gerry finleyday was a prolific british comics writer from the 1960s to the 1980s best known as the creator of rogue trooperhe started out at d c thomson co before becoming the editor of ipcs girls title tammy in 1971 for which he wrote strips such as ella on easy street and the camp on candy island tammys stories were full of cruelty and adversity based on research showing that girls wanted stories that made them cryfinleyday rose to become deputy managing editor of ipcs girls comics department but quit to become a freelance writer in 1974 he was drafted in by pat mills to help develop characters for battle picture weekly launched the following year for which he wrote rat pack the sarge the bootneck boy dday dawson return of the eagle sergeant without stripes cold steele skreamer of the stukas glory rider cooleys gun action force and many others he had a particular penchant for creating honourable german heroes including fighter from the sky panzer gman commando king sea wolf and perhaps the best known hellman of hammer force which started out in action and transferred to battle after action was merged into it other strips he wrote for action include greens grudge war and dredgerhe was one of the mainstays of early 2000 ad writing invasion dan dare ant wars harry twenty on the high rock fiends of the eastern front and a couple of early episodes of judge dredd and became their specialist in future war stories first with the vcs and then his most enduring character rogue trooper which still features occasionally written by other writers although finleyday returned to the character for a oneoff story in 2010 he also wrote blackhawk for tornado and several strips for the revived eagle including saddle tramp sergeant streetwise jakes platoon the hand and episodes of the collectorfinleydays signature style was the hardbitten solo action hero typically an embittered renegade male between 35 and 50 years old that became a defining feature of 2000 ad in common with many creators of the day his stories often incorporated elements of contemporary popular movies or television programmes harry twenty for example was an escape story set on a maximumsecurity prison orbiting the earth and had clear echoes of the prisoner tv series starring patrick mcgoohan according to finleyday he used to joke with his fellow creators that if mcgoohan appeared at the reception of the ipc building he was not to be let upstairsfinleyday disappeared from the uk comics scene in the mid1980s allegedly after editorial disagreements with the 2000 ad management though he was severely underappreciated during his time many of his creations are now regarded as classic characters harry 20 on the high rock was recently voted by readers of the 2000adreview fan site the best selfcontained series to have appeared in 2000 ad throughout its 28 year history closely followed by fiends of the eastern front

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