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In an Australian outback town so small that children of all ages share a single classroom, teacher Sally (Rachel Ward) suffers the typical frustrations of life in the provinces. She really finds something to fret about when a gang of gun-toting, mask-wearing criminals kidnaps her and the students and drives them to the remote wilderness. With the kids’ safety, perhaps survival, in the balance, Sally must appease the lewdly suggestive bandits while scheming for a way to escape their clutches. After several abortive attempts result in multiple deaths, she and the oldest children manage to usher the young ones to at least provisional safety. Free but stranded in a mountain hideaway, the class must band together to survive and perhaps turn the tables on the men who continue to hunt them.

Release date: Jun 26, 1986
Production Company: HBO Films
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Horror,Mystery & Suspense,Television

Fortress Caste and Crew
Director: Arch Nicholson
writer: Everett De Roche
Rachel Ward,Rebecca Rigg,Sean Garlick,Marc Gray,Elaine Cusick,Asher Keddie,Anna Crawford,Beth Buchanan,Peter Hehir,Robin Mason,Vernon Wells,David Bradshaw,Wendy Playfair,Nick Waters,Terence Donovan,Ray Chubb,Laurie Moran,Bradley Meehan,Richard Terrill,Roger Stephen,Ed Turley