For Those Who Think Young Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

For Those Who Think Young

A group of students hang out around a club at the beach, encouraging the comedic routines of their friend and getting rather rowdy. When the owner decides to close down the place on account of the noise, the youths work themselves into a tizzie. Fortunately for them, they find a tasty morsel of the owner’s past and use it against him so they may continue their customary activities at the club. Amidst the main plot revolves a love story between a wealthy young man and his impoverished girlfriend, the amorous pursuits of healthy young students and plenty of beach frolicking. James Darren, Pamela Tiffin and Woody Woodbury star with help from such well-known names as Nancy Sinatra and Bob Denver.

Release date: Jun 1, 1964
Production Company: United Artists
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy,Romance

For Those Who Think Young Caste and Crew
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
writer: Dan Beaumont,George O’Hanlon,James O’Hanlon
James Darren,Pamela Tiffin,Woody Woodbury,Paul Lynde,Tina Louise,Nancy Sinatra,Bob Denver,Claudia Martin,Robert Middleton,Ellen Burstyn,Ellen McRae,Louis Quinn,Sammee Tong,Addison Richards,Paul “Mousie” Garner,Benny Baker,Anna Lee,George Raft,Roger Smith,Amedee Chabot,Jack LaRue,Allen Jenkins,Robert Armstrong,Susan Hart,Harry Antrim,Eleanor Audley,Anthony Eustrel,Alberto Morin,Sheila Bromley,Byron Kane