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Fly Wheel

Weary of the masks he wears and the lies he tells, an unscrupulous used car salesman resolves to win back his wife, become a better role model for his son, and stop ripping off his unsuspecting customers in the inspirational feature directorial debut of Facing the Giants director Alex Kendrick. Jay Austin (Kendrik) is the kind of used car salesman that customers fears most – dishonest, manipulative, and constantly smiling as he sends another lemon driving off the lot. Eventually Austin’s deceptive ways catch up with him, prompting him to take serious stock of his life from the ground up. Now, as Austin begins working to get his classic convertible back on the road, the repairs he performs under the hood begin to reflect the personal transformation that he is going through at home and at work. Determined to turn his life around for good this time, Austin soon finds out just how good things can get when he begins applying the philosophy of Jesus Christ to everyday life.

Release date: Jan 1, 2003
Production Company: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama,Faith & Spirituality

Fly Wheel Caste and Crew
Director: Alex Kendrick
writer: Alex Kendrick
Janet Lee Dapper,Alex Kendrick,Ashlynn Dapper,Richie Hunnewell,Rosetta Harris Armstrong,Lisa Arnold,Blake Bailey,Jansen Barnes,Roger Breland,Walter Burnett,Michael Catt,John Cochran,Carrie Crenshaw,Ron Dorminey,Shannen Fields,David Frasier,Shawn Gaines