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El Dorado

Having struck pay dirt with his 1958 western Rio Bravo, Howard Hawks more or less remade the picture twice in the 1960s. The first of these rehashes was El Dorado, with Rio Bravo star John Wayne back for more. Wayne plays a gunfighter who rides into El Dorado to link up with his old pal, sheriff Robert Mitchum (“It’s the big one with the big two!” declared the film’s advertisements). Wayne has turned down a job with evil land baron Ed Asner, who’d hoped to drive a family off the land that he needed for its water. That family, headed by R.G. Armstrong, is convinced that Wayne is working with Asner; when Armstrong’s son Johnny Crawford dies, Wayne is held responsible, earning him a bullet in the spine from Crawford’s sister Michele Carey. A year passes: Wayne returns to El Dorado, in the company of his new saddle pal James Caan. They find that Asner is still up to his old tricks, and that Mitchum has descended into alcoholism. Several plot twists and power shifts ensue, leading to the slam-bang climax, with the partially paralyzed Wayne, the newly crippled Mitchum (on crutches), and the concussion-suffering Caan battling together to stave off Asner’s minions. The final long-shot, of Wayne and Mitchum limping off together arm-in-arm, is one of the most enduring images in the entire Hawks canon. If they loved it twice they’ll love it thrice: in 1969, John Wayne and Howard Hawks teamed up for a third Rio Bravo derivation, Rio Lobo–which, like the first two films, was scripted by Leigh Brackett. Incidentally, that’s famed artist Olaf Weighorst (whose paintings appear in the title sequence) in a cameo as the gunsmith. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Release date: Jun 7, 1967
Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Classics,Western

El Dorado Caste and Crew
Director: Howard Hawks
writer: Leigh Brackett
John Wayne,Robert Mitchum,James Caan,Charlene Holt,Michele Carey,Arthur Hunnicutt,R.G. Armstrong,Edward Asner,Paul Fix,Christopher George,Johnny Crawford,Robert Donner,John Gabriel,Marina Ghane,Robert Rothwell,Adam Roarke,Chuck Courtney,Anne Newman,Diane Strom,Victoria George,Olaf Wieghorst,Anthony Rogers,Dean Smith,William Henry,Don Collier,Jim Davis,Nacho Galindo,John Mitchum,Rosa Turich,Ralph Volkie,Danny Sands,Buzz Henry,Deen Pettinger,Lee Powell,Enrique Contreras,Riley Hill,John Strachen,Mike Letz,Betty Jane Graham,Richard Andrade,Ruben Moreno,Robert Shelton,Linda Dangcil,Myrna MacMurray,Bonnie Charyl Josephson,Joe Garcio,Christopher West,Frank Leyva,Charlita,Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.,Chuck Roberson