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Each Dawn I Die

Otis Ferguson has said of Each Dawn I Die that “the story is of the kind you would have to see to disbelieve.” And to be sure, the film is nothing more than a sampler of ’30s prison-film conventions. But with the brilliant acting by James Cagney and the fast-paced and hard-edged direction of William Keighley, the film clatters past like an express train. Cagney plays Frank Ross, an innocent newspaperman who is railroaded into prison by a corrupt district attorney. In prison, he meets hardened-con Stacey (George Raft). Frank, at first, doesn’t want to associate with Stacey and the other prisoners, but trapped in the hellhole prison, he more and more turns into a bitter con. Finally granted a hearing from the parole board, Frank pleads his innocence, but the parole board is headed by Grayce (Victor Jury), the man responsible for his imprisonment, and his parole is denied, and Frank becomes more hardened and embittered. By this point, Stacey has befriended him and agrees to help Frank prove his innocence. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Release date: Jul 22, 1939
Production Company: Warner Home Video
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Mystery & Suspense

Each Dawn I Die Caste and Crew
Director: William Keighley
writer: Norman Reilly Raine,Warren Duff,Charles T. Perry
James Cagney,George Raft,George Bancroft,Jane Bryan,Stanley Ridges,Max ‘Slapsie Maxie’ Rosenbloom,Alan Baxter,Victor Jory,Willard Robertson,Paul Hurst,John Wray,Louis Jean Heydt,Edward Pawley,Joseph Downing,Emma Dunn,Thurston Hall,Clay Clement,William B. Davidson,John Ridgely,John Harron,Selmer Jackson,Robert E. Homans,Harry Cording,Abner Biberman,Napoleon Simpson,Cliff Saum,Tom Wilson,Al Lloyd,Jack Goodrich,Stuart Holmes,Alice Connors,Fern Barry,Maris Wrixon,Garland Smith,Arthur Gardner,James Flavin,Charles Trowbridge,Eddy Chandler,John Dilson,Max Hoffman Jr.,Henry Otho,Lee Phelps,Dick Rich,Jack C. Smith,Walter Miller,Fred Graham,Wilfred Lucas,Vera Lewis,Emmett Vogan,Earl Dwire,Frank Mayo,Mack Gray,Bob Perry,Al Hill,Selmar Jackson,Elliott Sullivan,Chuck Hamilton,Joe Sully,Nat Carr,Wedgewood Nowell,Jack Wise,Granville Bates,John Conte