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Dorothy Kloss Bio

dorothy dale kloss born october 27 1923 began dancing when she was 3 years old while working with a young bob fosse in a chicago class she won a tap contest and catapulted to stardom doing her own act at the empire room in chicago she toured the country from new york to california and played mexico city with the legendary cantinflasshe toured with eddy duchin until his orchestra was drafted during world war ii and then performed for the uso in 1946 she became the hostess and dance instructor of television shows broadcasting out of chicago on wbkbshe has performed with liberace the mills brothers mel torm harry richman howard keel kay starr frankie laine and chico marx she was accompanied by such bands as ray noble skinnay ennis shep fields and his rippling rhythm to name a fewkloss performed at the plaza theatre in palm springs california with the fabulous palm springs follies a dance and musical revue where she was a regular longlegged lovely performing in ten shows weekly until may 2010 soon after she was awarded a star on the palm springs walk of starsin 2013 klosss autobiography entitled im not in kansas anymore love dorothy was published by bear manor media isbn 9781593932329

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