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Don’t Go Near the Water

Obviously inspired by such service comedies as Mister Roberts and Operation Mad Ball, Don’t Go Near the Water is a tribute to those “unsung heroes” of WW2: the men and women of the Navy’s Public Relations Department. Thousands of miles away from the shooting war, Lt. Max Siegel (Glenn Ford) and the rest of the PR staff spend their time issuing colorful reports of Naval heroism and sucking up to visiting US dignitaries on a tiny South Sea island. Siegel and company also battle the anal-rententive pettiness of such superior officers as Lt. Cmdr. Clinton T. Nash (Fred Clark) and such potential foes as abrasive war correspondent Gordon Ripwell (Keenan Wynn). The feminine angle is provided by Gia Scala as Melora, a European-educated local girl, Anne Francis as by-the-book nurse Lt. Alice Tomlen, and Eva Gabor as women’s magazine writer Deborah Aldrich. Particularly amusing is Mickey Shaughnessy as foul-mouthed seaman Farragut Jones, whose periodic barrages of profanity are invariably drowned out by the sound of a ratchet-horn (this was, after all, 1957). Don’t Go Near the Water was based on the comic novel by ex-PR man William Brinkley.

Release date: Nov 14, 1957
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Classics,Comedy,Romance

Don’t Go Near the Water Caste and Crew
Director: Charles Walters
writer: Dorothy Kingsley,George Wells
Glenn Ford,Gia Scala,Earl Holliman,Anne Francis,Keenan Wynn,Fred Clark,Eva Gabor,Russ Tamblyn,Jeff Richards,Mickey Shaughnessy,Howard Smith,Howard I. Smith,Romney Brent,Mary Wickes,Jack Straw,Robert Nichols,John Alderson,Jack Albertson,Charles Watts,Julian Rivero,Ike Gibson,Don Burnett,Hugh Boswell,Wilson Wood,John Dennis,Steve Warren,William Ogden Joyce,Gregg Martell,John L. Cason,Paul Bryar,David Sharpe,Carey Loftin,Norman Grabowski