Djomeh Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline


In a remote area of the Iranian mountains, 20-year-old Afghani refugee Djomeh works on a dairy farm alongside his older countryman, Habib. Every morning, Djomeh drives into town with the farm’s kindly owner, Mr. Mahmoud, to whom he confides his scandalous romance with an older widow back home in Afghanistan as well as his blossoming affection for Setareh, the daughter of a local shopkeeper. The ease of their relationship contrasts sharply with the villagers’ suspicious and cold attitudes to the young foreigner. The children throw stones and the adults make disparaging remarks but Djomeh retains his good humor, even when courting the indifferent Setareh. When Djomeh asks Mr. Mahmoud to act as an intermediary to pursue marriage with Setareh, his naive romanticism is painfully tested.

Release date: Sep 5, 2001
Production Company: Sagittaire Films
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama,Romance

Djomeh Caste and Crew
Director: Hassan Yektapanah
writer: Hassan Yektapanah
Mahmoud Behraznia,Rashid Akbari,Mahbobeh Khalili,Valiollah Beta,Jalil Nazari