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Desk Set

Based on the Broadway play by Robert Fryer and Lawrence Carr, Desk Set represents the eighth screen teaming of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. Hepburn plays the head of a TV network research department; Tracy plays an efficiency expert, hired to modernize Hepburn’s operation. When Tracy has a huge computer installed, Hepburn and her co-workers (including Joan Blondell and Sue “Miss Landers” Randall) fear that they’re going to lose their jobs. Their suspicions are confirmed when the computer merrily begins issuing pink termination slips. But something is obviously amiss: the computer not only fires the ladies, but also the head of the network–and Tracy, who isn’t even on the company payroll! At this point, Tracy explains that the computer was designed to help Hepburn and her staff and not replace them; he also confesses that, given the pink-slip incident, this might not have been such a hot idea. But Hepburn, who has fallen in love with Tracy, is in just the right mood to forgive him–and doesn’t need to consult her research files to come up with this decision. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Release date: May 15, 1957
Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy,Romance

Desk Set Caste and Crew
Director: Walter Lang
writer: Phoebe Ephron,Henry Ephron
Spencer Tracy,Katharine Hepburn,Gig Young,Joan Blondell,Dina Merrill,Sue Randall,Neva Patterson,Harry Ellerbe,Nicholas Joy,Diane Jergens,Merry Anders,Ida Moore,Rachel Stephens,Sammy Ogg,King Mojave,Charles Heard,Harry Evans,Hal Taggart,Jack M. Lee,Bill Duray,Richard Gardner,Renny McEvoy,Jesslyn Fax,Shirley Mitchell