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Deadline at Dawn

Deadline at Dawn represented not only the sole film directorial effort of Broadway’s Harold Clurman, but also the only cinematic collaboration between Clurman and his former Group Theatre associate, screenwriter Clifford Odets. While on shore leave in New York, sailor Alex (Bill Williams) is slipped a doped-up drink by B-girl Edna (Lola Lane). When he awakens, Alex discovers that she has been murdered. Though he believes that he’s the killer, our hero is talked into locating the actual miscreant by philosophical cab driver gus (Paul Lukas) and nightclub dancer June (Susan Hayward). Adapted from a novel by Cornell Woolrich, Deadline at Dawn leans towards pretentiousness at times, but is redeemed by the no-nonsense performance by Susan Hayward.

Release date: Apr 3, 1946
Production Company: RKO Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama,Mystery & Suspense

Deadline at Dawn Caste and Crew
Director: Harold Clurman
writer: Clifford Odets
Bill Williams,Susan Hayward,Paul Lukas,Joseph Calleia,Osa Massen,Lola Lane,Jerome Cowan,Marvin Miller,Roman Bohnen,Steven Geray,Joe Sawyer,Constance Worth,Joseph Crehan,Jason Robards Sr.,Joan Barton,Sammy Blum,Emory Parnell,Lee Phelps,Larry McGrath,Connie Conrad,Carl Faulkner,Dorothy Curtis,Mike Pat Donovan,Fred Aldrich,Pearl Varvell,John Ince,Jason Robards Sr.,Billy Wayne,Jack Kenney,Edmund Glover,Al Eben,Betty Gillette,Annelle Hayes,Larry Wheat,Shimen Ruskin,Myrna Dell,George Tyne,Larry Thompson,Edward Gargan,Edgar Caldwell,Lawrence Wheat,Florence Pepper,Dorothy Granger,Eddy Chandler,Philip Morris,Philip Warren,Phil Warren,John Elliott,Louis Quince,Alan Ward,Earl Hodgins,Dick Rush,Armand “Curly” Wright,John Barton,Dick Elliott,Al Bridge,Earle Hodgins,Walter Soderling,Virginia Farmer,Alan Bridge,Ralph Dunn,Jack Cheatham,Frank Meredith,Roger Creed,Jerry Frank,Ernie S. Adams,Billy Bletcher,Tom Quinn,Peter Breck,Jack Daley,Eddie Hart,William Challee