Dead Men Walk Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Dead Men Walk

Filmed on what looks like a budget of $17.95, Dead Men Walk has its own seedy charm, and is one of the most entertaining of the PRC horror quickies. The incomparable George Zucco plays a dual role, as village doctor Lloyd Clayton and his brother Elwyn, also a doctor. When Lloyd murders Elwyn, the latter returns from the dead as a vampire, with the help of hunchbacked assistant Zolarr (welcome back, Dwight Frye!) Elwyn goes on a killing spree, for which Lloyd is held responsible. A lynching is averted when heroine Gayle (Mary Carlisle) and hero Dr. Bentley (future screenwriter Nedrick Young) prove that the dead Elwyn is the guilty party.

Release date: Apr 12, 1943
Production Company: Independent International Pictures Corp.
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Horror

Dead Men Walk Caste and Crew
Director: Sam Newfield
writer: Fred K. Myton
George Zucco,Dwight Frye,Mary Carlisle,Ned Young,Fern Emmett,Robert Strange,Hal Price,Sam Flint,Al St. John