Day the World Ended Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Day the World Ended

Seven normal looking people struggle to survive in a grim post nuclear world in this sci-fi film, the first ever made by Roger Corman. Living in the post T.D. Day (Total Destruction Day) is difficult, for the constant blasts of radiation have caused extensive mutations of plant and animal life, the most terrifying of which is a man-eating, triple-eyed, man-like creature withy four arms, horns and telepathic powers.

Release date: Dec 1, 1955
Production Company: American International Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Horror,Science Fiction & Fantasy

Day the World Ended Caste and Crew
Director: Roger Corman
writer: Lou Rusoff
Richard Denning,Lori Nelson,Paul Dubov,Adele Jergens,Mike Connors,Paul Birch,Touch Connors,Raymond Hatton,Jonathan Haze,Paul Blaisdell