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College Humor

Directed by Wesley Ruggles, the musical sendup of College Humor centers around the blooming love between a college professor (Bing Crosby) and one of his students (Mary Carlisle). Feeling stilted, the school football star (Richard Arlen) is temporarily unable to concentrate on his game. Fortunately for the team, Crosby’s romantic interest has a football-loving brother (Jack Oakie) who saves the day. Husband and wife team Gracie Allen and George Burns appear as themselves, stopping by to create mayhem at a fraternity dance.

Release date: Jul 5, 1933
Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy,Musical & Performing Arts,Romance

College Humor Caste and Crew
Director: Wesley Ruggles
writer: Frank Butler,Claude Binyon
Bing Crosby,Jack Oakie,Richard Arlen,George Burns,Mary Carlisle,Mary Kornman,Gracie Allen,Joe Sawyer,Lona Andre,Wade Boteler,James Burke,Lumsden Hare,Grady Sutton,Dorothy White