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What happens when you take the toughest guy you can imagine and make him Australian? He gets even tougher. Mark “Chopper” Read, best-selling author and underworld executioner, is Australia’s most infamous and self-promoting criminal. His knack for killing and storytelling set him on an unlikely path toward the fame he has always dreamed of attaining. The film begins in a maximum-security prison, where Chopper’s erratic behavior and dishonesty lead his “friend” to stab him repeatedly. Fearing further retribution, he cuts off his ears to obtain a transfer. The story then jumps eight years. Chopper, who’s now on the fast track to a place where fact and fiction are increasingly blurred, is released. Filled with resentment and guilt and searching desperately for his hidden enemy, he kills a minor criminal in a fit of paranoia but manages to beat the charge by virtue of his now well-honed fabricating ability. However, he’s charged with another offense and returned to jail where he writes an exaggerated account of his life of crime.

Release date: Apr 11, 2001
Production Company: First Look Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama,Mystery & Suspense

Chopper Caste and Crew
Director: Andrew Dominik
writer: Andrew Dominik
Eric Bana,Simon Lyndon,David Field,Dan Wylie,Bill Young,Vince Colosimo,Kenny Graham,Kate Beahan,Serge Liistro,Gary Waddell,Garry Waddell,Brian Mannix,Dan Wyllie,Skye Wansey,Annalise Emtsis,Johnnie Targhan,Robert Rabiah,Sam Houli,Caleb Cluff,Hilton Henderson,Fred Barker,Peter Hardy,David Ross Paterson,Fletcher Humphrys,Marcus Taylor,Pam Western,Renee Brack,Gregory Pitt,Richard Sutherland,Andrew Dunn,Alan Close,Mark Stratford,Carl Price,Sarah Jane King,Ernie Gray,Terry Willesee