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Chill Factor

In this action thriller, the only things standing in the way of world destruction are two guys in an ice cream truck. On a remote island in the South Pacific, a secret weapons project (code name “Elvis”) goes wrong, and a new chemical weapon, safe when frozen but deadly when thawed, is allowed to escape. Eighteen soldiers are killed, leaving behind only the scientist who created the formula and the officer in charge of the project, who is saddled with most of the blame. Ten years later, Tim Mason (Skeet Ulrich) is working at a diner in Montana when an old friend, Dr. Richard Long (David Paymer), is seriously wounded by Maj. Andrew Brynner (Peter Firth). It seems that Dr. Long helped create Elvis and Maj. Brynner was the officer who took the fall for the disaster ten years ago. Near death, Long gives Elvis to Mason and tells him that it has to be kept solidly frozen and delivered to Fort Magruder, 90 miles away. But how to keep it at zero degrees until then? A logical solution presents itself when Arlo (Cuba Gooding Jr.), who drives an ice cream truck, makes a delivery to the diner. Mason drafts Arlo into helping him transport Elvis to safety, and before long Brynner’s men are hot on the trail of the icy chemical weapon. First-time director Hugh Johnson learned his craft in part through his work as a cameraman for Ridley Scott: he was the cinematographer for White Squall and G.I. Jane.

Release date: Sep 1, 1999
Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Mystery & Suspense

Chill Factor Caste and Crew
Director: Hugh Johnson
writer: Drew Gitlin,Mike Cheda
Cuba Gooding Jr.,Skeet Ulrich,David Paymer,Peter Firth,Hudson Leick,Daniel Hugh Kelly,Kevin J. O’Connor,Judson Mills,Dwayne Macopson,Jim Grimshaw,Richie Dye,Jordan Mott,Richard Todd Aguayo,K. Addison Young,James Van Harper,Tommy Smeltzer,Geoff Palmer,Rhoda Griffis,Johnny Cenicola,Larry Black,David ‘Shark’ Fralick,Garrett Warren,Ron Clinton Smith,Stephen Robert,Quint Von Canon,Bart Hansard,Howard Carroll,Lonnie R. Smith,Johnell Gainy,Martin Valinsky,Terry Loughlin,Bob Penny,Mike Davis,Afemo Omilami,Steve Coulter,Phillip DeVona,Suzi Bass,Gordon A. Johnson,Tim Dabbs,Camden Dixon,Peter Mackenzie,Wanda Acuna,Erin Daniels,Jason Cairns