Chelsea Girls Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Chelsea Girls

This avant-garde art film by Andy Warhol is considered a classic. Filmed in the late ’60s, it presents an honest, if not meandering view of life in Warhol’s famed inner circle. To make the film, Warhol just turned on the camera and let his people do whatever they wanted to.

Release date: Jan 1, 1966
Production Company:
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Documentary,Drama,Special Interest

Chelsea Girls Caste and Crew
Director: Andy Warhol
writer: Ronald Tavel,Andy Warhol
Ed Hood,International Velvet,Albert Rene Ricard,Brigid Berlin,Marie Menken,Nico,Angelina ‘Pepper’ Davis,Mario Montez,Edie Sedgwick,Patrick Flemming,Gerard Malanga,Pepper Davis,Arianna,Ingrid Superstar,Ondine,Mary Woronov