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Charlie Bubbles

Albert Finney both directs and stars in the “alienation” comedy-drama Charlie Bubbles. The eponymous Bubbles (Finney) is a trendy and fabulously wealthy novelist. Indulged at every turn, and able to indulge in his wildest fancies, Charlie is bored by his privileged existence. He staves off ennui by drinking and carousing with best-buddy Smokey Pickles (Colin Blakely) and by having a fling with his secretary Eliza (Liza Minnelli, in her screen debut). Billie Whitelaw delivers the film’s best performance as Charlie’s vitriolic wife. Directed in the “mod” fashion popular at the time, Charlie Bubbles sometimes resembles a music video without the music. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Release date: Feb 11, 1968
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Genre: Classics,Comedy,Drama

Charlie Bubbles Caste and Crew
Director: Albert Finney
Albert Finney,Colin Blakely,Billie Whitelaw,Liza Minnelli,Timothy Garland,Richard Pearson,John Ronane,Nicholas Phipps,Charles Lamb,Margery Mason,Diana Coupland,Alan Lake,Yootha Joyce,Peter Carlisle,Albert Shepherd,Ted Norris,Rex Boyd,Susan Engel,George Innes,Arthur Pentelow,Joe Gladwin,Charles Hill,Bryan Mosley,Wendy Padbury,Peter Sallis