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Champagne for Caesar

This comedy stars Ronald Colman as Beauregard Bottomley, a self-styled genius in need of a job. He applies for a position with a large soap company, but Burnbridge Walters (Vincent Price), the firm’s willfully eccentric president, falls into a “trance” while interviewing Beauregard and decides not to give him the job. When Beauregard overhears his sister Gwenn (Barbara Britton) listening to a game show sponsored by Walters’ soap company, he discovers the perfect means to get revenge — each time a contestant answers a question correctly, they double their prize money. Beauregard gets a spot on the show and starts winning — and doesn’t stop. Before long, the company owes him $40 million and Beauregard hasn’t even broken a sweat. Beauregard is poised to bankrupt Walters and destroy his company, so the soap tycoon persuades Flame O’Neal (Celeste Holm) to pose as a nurse who will (a) find out if there’s anything Beauregard doesn’t know, and (b) distract him romantically. While a critical success and something of a cult item, Champagne for Caesar was a box office disappointment on its initial release; Ronald Colman appeared in only two more films before his death eight years later.

Release date: May 11, 1950
Production Company: Universal Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy,Television

Champagne for Caesar Caste and Crew
Director: Richard Whorf
writer: Hans Jacoby,Fred Brady
Ronald Colman,Celeste Holm,Vincent Price,Barbara Britton,Art Linkletter,Gabriel Heatter,George Fisher,Byron Foulger,Ellye Marshall,Vici Raaf,Vicki Raaf,Douglas Evans,Mel Blanc,Peter Brocco,Lyle Talbot,Brian O’Hara,George Leigh,John Hart,Jack Daly,Gordon Nelson,Herbert C. Lytton,George Meader,John Eldridge