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Carry On Sergeant

This first entry in the long-running (some would say interminable) British “Carry On” series is at base a collection of motheaten army jokes, albeit served up with freshness and energy. Future Doctor Who star William Hartnell plays Sergeant Major Grimshaw, whose fondest wish is to win the coveted Best Troop Award before his retirement. Alas, this may never come to pass: his newest batch of conscripts include some of the biggest and stupidest foul-ups in military history. Popular comedian-cartoonist Bob Monkhouse and cockney bombshell Shirley Eaton head up the supporting cast, which includes such “Carry On” stalwarts-to-be as Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey and Kenneth Williams. Carry On Sergeant was very loosely based on The Bull Boys, a novel by R. F. Delderfield.

Release date: Aug 1, 1958
Production Company: Lionsgate
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy

Carry On Sergeant Caste and Crew
Director: Gerald Thomas
writer: John Antrobus
William Hartnell,Bob Monkhouse,Bill Owen,Kenneth Connor,Shirley Eaton,Eric Barker,Dora Bryan,Charles Hawtrey,Kenny Williams,Kenneth Williams,Terence Longdon,Norman Rossington,Hattie Jacques,Gerald Campion,Cyril Chamberlain,Gordon Tanner,Frank Forsyth,Basil Dignam,John Gatrell,Arnold Diamond,Martin Boddey,Ian Whittaker,Patrick Durkin,Anthony Sager,Edward Judd,Terence Labrosse,Anthony Sagar,Terry Scott,Jack Smethurst,James Villiers