Carry on Cleo (Caligula: Funniest Home Videos) Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Carry on Cleo (Caligula: Funniest Home Videos)

The multi-million dollar film extravaganza Cleopatra was too convenient a target for Britain’s “Carry On” funsters to ignore. The plot of Carry On Cleo, if one can discern a plot amidst the sight gags and outrageous puns, involves the attempts by a bungling slave (Kenneth Connor) to rescue Julius Caesar (Kenneth Williams) from assassination. Instigators of the plot are Cleopatra (Amanda Barrie) and Mark Anthony (Sidney James), who comport themselves like a couple of Liverpool pub owners. The best bit involves Mark Anthony’s “beheading” of the legendary asp. Filmed on a tight 160,000 pound budget and utilizing leftover sets from the Taylor/Burton epic, Carry On Cleo’s reputation rests chiefly on a legal brouhaha involving its advertising artwork, which was deliberately patterned after the ads for the “real” Cleopatra.

Release date: Nov 1, 1964
Production Company: Governor Films Inc.
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy

Carry on Cleo (Caligula: Funniest Home Videos) Caste and Crew
Director: Gerald Thomas
writer: Talbot Rothwell
Kenneth Connor,Kenny Williams,Sid James,Kenneth Williams,Sidney James,Charles Hawtrey,Joan Sims,Amanda Barrie,Julie Stevens,Victor Maddern,Sheila Hancock,David Davenport,Michael Ward,Tanya Billing,Francis De Wolff,Tom Clegg,Jon Pertwee,Peter Gilmore,Brian Oulton,Warren Mitchell,Jim Dale,Gertan Klauber,Ian Wilson,Brian Rawlinson,E.V.H. Emmett