Bulletproof Monk Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Bulletproof Monk

A monk and a pickpocket become unlikely allies in this action adventure story. Sixty years ago, a nameless monk (Chow Yun-Fat) was appointed the guardian of a mysterious scroll that grants remarkable powers to those who possess it. After six decades of traveling the world to protect the scroll, the monk must find someone new to assume the responsibility, but as fate would have it, the new caretaker turns out to be Kar (Seann William Scott), a scruffy and distinctly non-enlightened petty thief living in San Francisco. As the monk attempts to educate Kar in the powers and responsibilities of the scroll and the ways of a monk’s life, they discover they have a rival for the possession of the valuable scroll. As Kar and the monk fend off their mysterious adversary, they are aided by Bad Girl (Jaime King), a beautiful Russian mob affiliate with amazing martial arts skills and a vested interest in keeping the scroll in virtuous hands. Bulletproof Monk was based a comic book series published in 1999; Chow Yun-Fat’s frequent collaborators John Woo and Terence Chang produced.

Release date: Apr 16, 2003
Production Company: MGM/UA
Box Office Collection: $23,020,488
Genre: Action & Adventure,Comedy

Bulletproof Monk Caste and Crew
Director: Paul Hunter
writer: Ethan Reiff,Cyrus Voris
Yun-Fat Chow,Seann William Scott,Jaime King,Karel Roden,Victoria Smurfit,Marcus Jean Pirae,Mako,Roger Yuan,Chris Collins,Sean Bell,Kishaya Dudley,Rob Archer,Mauricio Rodas,Robert Archer Lynn,Bayo Akinfemi,Russell Yuen,Albert Chung,Karis Han,Angela Seto,Paul Fauteux,Raven Dauda,Isys McKoy,Peter Snider,Suresh John,Geoff Williams,Michael Yanover,Chad Camileri,Steve Lucescu,James Acheson,Michael Gow,John MacDonald,Danny Lima,Robert Racki,Kevin Rushton,Hadley Sandiford,Brian Jagersky,Matt Birman,Blair Johannes,Regan Moore,Mark Patrick Carducci,Barry Oliver,Bryan Thomas,Joel Harris,Henry Korhonen,Neil Davison,Christopher McGuire,Lloyd Adams,Christopher D. Amos,Murray R. Croft,Billy Oliver,Phil Chiu,Mike Gow,Allen Keng,Tommy Chang,Fabian Choe,Mike Chow,James Kim,Alan Tang,Nathan Lam,Peter Wong,Feng Jun Wei,Lin Yi-Sheng